CONTROLLING CENTRALLY-HEATED BUILDINGS CAN BE QUITE A CHALLENGE. Long piping runs, inadequate venting, radiator sizing, wind direction, sunlight, poor insulation, internal heat sources and tenant intervention are only a few of the factors that can affect heat distribution. The best control choice is dependent upon the boiler and burner type, whether there are heat exchangers, zone valves, and mixing valves.    

Here at R&D Electronics, we are dedicated to helping people save energy by designing and manufacturing heating systems that will effectively control steam and hot water boilers in commercial and multi-family buildings. Our mission is to ensure effective usage of the boiler, while maximizing fuel savings at the same time.

Our current product line, the RD1600 series, replaces our popular legacy controllers (1200, 1400 and 200 series) with the end-user in mind. Preserving the essential features of the legacy controls, particularly the user-friendly interface, is a must for all our controls for the past 40 years. This allows the end user to make a seamless transition from the older controls, such as the RD1200, to the RD1600, from installation up to the user operation.